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This English course offers preparation for the eleven plus exam, 12+ exam and grammar school selection tests. A good grasp and knowledge of all aspects of English are essential for these demanding tests. This course provides practice in various aspects of English such as punctuation, comprehension and spelling. English tests may form part of a common entrance exam or a grammar school selection exam.  This is a very comprehensive on line exam practice platform making use of a wide variety of texts including adverts, poems and stories - the sorts of texts that children will meet in their 11+ exam or 12+ examinations.  No time limit is given for the short tests and this allows parents to encourage their child to work through the practices at the child's own pace. There is also the option to try the free sample questions. A comprehensive glossary is included.
(This product is suitable for the Northern Ireland AQE transfer Test and the GL transfer Test.)

   Mathematics       Verbal Reasoning        Non-Verbal Reasoning

This English course forms part of the
complete 11+ and 12+ preparation course.

The complete 11+/12+ course for all four subject areas that you have purchased will appear in this "My courses " list.
This English 11+ and 12+ Course provides unlimited practice in these areas of English.
There is also the option to take unlimited and timed tests.

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