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Undertaking this 11-plus Non-Verbal Reasoning course will increase the ability of children to tackle the Non-Verbal Reasoning part of any 11 plus examination. The course covers 10 common question types of the sort met by pupils taking a non-verbal reasoning test as part of their secondary school selection procedure. Non-Verbal Reasoning is not usually taught at school but is often used as part of these important selection exams. No time is set for these practices allowing children to work at their own speed without the pressure of time constraints. A pupil practising these questions in the security of their home environment will be at a distinct advantage when sitting the actual tests. Suitable and relevant feedback is provided after the questions are answered and scored.

Additional practice is provided by a timed test consisting of 40 mixed questions. 

   11-Plus English         11-Plus Verbal Reasoning        11-Plus Maths

This Non-Verbal Reasoning course forms part of the
complete 11+ Exam preparation course.

The complete 11+ course for all four subject areas that you have purchased will appear in this "My courses " list.
This 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Course provides unlimited practice in these areas of Non-Verbal Reasoning.
There is also the option to take unlimited and timed tests.

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