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This Verbal Reasoning course is ideal preparation for elevenplus exams or 12+exams. The online practice offers practice questions similar to those used by most Local Authorities and grammar school exam bodies such as in Kent, Bucks and by the SW Herts consortium.

This course will increase the ability of children to tackle Verbal Reasoning in any exam situation. Verbal Reasoning questions of this type are often used as part of common entrance exams and twelve plus exams for entrance into independent or private schools. No time limit is set for the short 10 question practices allowing children to work at their own pace without the pressure of time constraints.

There is also the option to take 50 or 100 question timed tests. A pupil practicing these questions in the security of their home environment will be at a distinct advantage when sitting the real 11+ exam or other selection test. Suitable professional feedback is given after the child has answered the questions and they have been automatically marked. A free method sheet is given for each of the 21 question types. Why not try the free sample questions?

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This Verbal Reasoning course forms part of the
complete 11+ Exam preparation course.

Practice is offered in the following 21 verbal reasoning questIon types:-

Add a letter to make four new words, chose two words that do not go with the other three words, codes using letters, 2 words with similar meanings ( synonyms), four letter word hidden in a sentence, three letter word missing from larger word, maths using letters as numbers (algebra), move a letter to make two new words, find the next letter in a series, Analogies, number series (sequences), compound words, form the middle word from the two outside words, AB into CD ( complex series), logical deduction, opposite words (antonyms and homonyms), maths equations (algebra), find the middle number from two outside numbers, using numbers as letters in words (codes), complete the third word from two other words, words with two meanings (homonyms, homophones and homographs.)                                                     

This Verbal Reasoning 11+ Exam Course provides unlimited practice in these areas of Verbal Reasoning.
There is also the option to take unlimited and timed tests.

Your complete 11+ course for all four subject areas that you have purchased will appear in this "My courses " list.

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