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If you require any help not detailed below please contact support:-


      What is the best way to navigate this site?

Everyone will use the site in their own way. Clicking on "My Courses" tab will return you to the courses that you have purchased and you can go from there.  The "Reports Page" demonstrates how to navigate the site.

      I paid for a course(s) and have returned to the Paypal page.

It takes a few moments for your payment to be cleared. Please wait a few moments and then click the "My Courses" tab even if you are on the Paypal page. 

      When I click the "My Courses" tab I go to an empty "My Courses page."

This is because you are using "Guest access." You must login to access your free or paid for courses.

      I have forgotten my password.

On the login screen click "Lost password?" We will send you an email to help you reset your details. We recommend that you write down your details and store them safely.  

      I am using the correct details and cannot login.

The most common reason for this is because the caps lock is switched on. If the problem persists please contact us at 

      I want to change my email address.

Please go to your "My Courses" page. Go to the Administaration Block (top left) and click My profile settings>Edit profile. You can change your email here. Please DO NOT change other settings as this may alter how our site runs or you may show your details to other users. If you still have issues please contact us at and our admin department will assist you. 

      I want to change my password.

Please go to your "My Courses" page. Go to the Administaration Block (top left) and click My profile settings>Change password. You can change your password here. If you still have issues please contact us at and our admin department will assist you. Make sure that you write the new password down and keep it safely.  

       I cannot see the menu tabs.

Go to the top right hand corner of your screen and click the grey box with horizontal lines on it. The menu tabs will open at the top of the site. This is probably caused because your screen is small or cramped.  

       Is my child in a safe online environment?

We have made this site as safe as possible but be aware that your child is on the internet and he/she may leave this site to visit other sites. Parental supervision is always recommended.  

       Does this site use "cookies"?

Yes. Cookies are small data files which are saved on your computer as you use a website - they make the site run in an interactive way. Some features are only available if these functionality cookies are enabled. We use Google analytics cookies to track and measure website performance - the data that is collected is anonymous and we only use it to monitor and improve this website. (It is never shared with any third party.) You are free to reject these cookies through your web browser, although this may impair certain features of the site. To find out more information about the cookies we use please read our Terms and Conditions policy. 

      Which internet browser do I need?

To get the best experience of using we recommend that you use one of the following internet browsers:

  • Recommended minimum browser: Google Chrome 11, Firefox 4, Safari 5, Internet Explorer 8

Please note: other internet connecting devices can also be used to run our site. However, we cannot be certain that your experience will be the same on all devices and in some cases these devices may prevent you from using the site. In order to get the best experience from this site it is preferable to ensure that Javascript and Cookies are enabled on your browser.  

     Where can I login?

You can use the green login screen on the home page or the login links at top right and bottom right of the screen. 

      I think there is an error in a question.

This is a large and complicated site with thousands of questions contained in it. Quality assurance is stringent. If you think there is an error in a question we would be grateful if you would email us all the details at so that we can correct the problem.  

      What is the difference between a test, a quiz and a practice?

All names refer to the set of questions that the child will attempt. The name "quiz" appeals to many children so they will see the word "quiz" most often. 

      What is the difference between a Mark and a Grade?

A Mark refers to the number of questions. A Grade refers to the maximum possible score. Some questions require more than one answer so you might see Marks/10 and Grade/20 followed by the child's score. In this case there are 2 answers required for each question. 

      How long does my subscription last?

You can subscribe for 1 month, 3 months, 6months or for 1 year. All four subject areas are sold as part of the Complete 11 plus Course. 

      I cannot see any feedback for a question.

If you have not attempted the question you will not see any feedback. Blank or empty responses are marked as wrong and they do not provide feedback. If you have given an answer to a question that requires 2 or more answers "mouseover" your answer for your feedback. This system encourages the child to try and provide an answer.   

      I think there is a broken link in the site.

This is a large and complicated site. If you think there is a broken link we would be grateful if you would email us details at so that we can correct the problem. 

      What reports can I see?

We have a dedicated Reports Page. You can visit the Reports Page by clicking this link

"Reports Page." 

      There are so many question types - how will I know when my child has done enough work on one particular question type?

On your "My Courses" page you can see how many times the child has attempted a particular question type. We have also added a small progress box on the quizzes page which you (or your child) can "check" to show that they feel confident with this question type. This is a visual reminder and the quiz can be re-taken and the box "un-checked" at any time.

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