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After buying a Complete 11 plus course, you will see this, My courses, screen detailing the four courses that you have subscribed to.

Clicking on the "View Course" will take you directly to the Course Page which gives a brief overview of the contents of the course and access to all the practice tests.
Clicking on the course name - Verbal Reasoning 

11 plus practice courses                    

...... will expand the course to show you the available practices.
This screen also shows the child's highest score and how many times they have tried this question type. 

Clicking in the "Name" column on a question type - Add a Letter to Make 4 Words 

Expanded verbal reasoning courses will be taken to this screen. This screen will allow your child to take a practice test for the first time, re-attempt the question type or return to a practice that was not finished.                                                  
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Clicking review


......will take you to this screen allowing you to review each individual practice attempt.
In the navigation panel correct answers are shown in green and incorrect answers are shown in red.

You can review each question individually or see all questions on one page. Clicking the question number will allow you to move around within the practice reviewing each question.

When a practice is being timed a digital counter, showing how long is remaining, will appear at the bottom of the "Quiz navigation" panel. When a question has been attempted and marked professional and relevant feedback is provided to support and develop learning.

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