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Special Price £10.00
access from now until 31st Dec 2020 Click Here

To help parents and schools through this very difficult time we are providing access to our site for 9 months at the cost of just £10.00. (normally £49.99 for a year)

This will provide unlimited access to thousands of questions in:-          

Verbal Reasoning (ideal for  11plus)

Non-Verbal Reasoning (ideal for 11plus)

Mathematics (ideal for Transfer Test & 11plus)

English (ideal for Transfer Test & 11plus)

Please help others by spreading news of this offer on any social media that you may use.

Special Price 
access from now until 31st Dec 2020   

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1 month     

3 months     £19.99

6 months     £29.99

1 Year     £49.99

Last modified: Monday, 27 April 2020, 9:14 AM