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   Is the product suitable for the Northern Ireland Transfer Test or the 12+ exam?

Yes on both counts. The Northern Ireland Transfer Test is based on English and maths questions and those two sections of the site provide perfect practice.
In most LEAs (Local Education Authorities) 12plus (12+) exams tend to be very similar to the  11plus (11+) exams. However you need to confirm this with the appropriate LEA or school.


    What is the advantage of online practice over normal practice papers?

You do not have to mark the practice papers since the software automatically marks the attempt and stores the previous attempts. The child can do multiple attempts of any question type provided. The online environment can be more motivating for children as they can monitor their own progress. All practice is beneficial and the online environment offers practice in a different medium giving instant feedback and child friendly hints and advice. With many top secondary schools now using computer based pre-tests for selection prior to the actual 11+ exam this site will valuable online experience in preparation for this initial exam.

     How many questions are there in each practice test?

There are hundreds of unique  practice questions in each question type. Each practice attempt randomly selects 10 questions from the question bank. The question type can be practiced over and over again with randomly selected questions each time. There is no time limit for these practices. There is also the option to take longer timed tests.

     What subject areas are covered by this product?

There are four courses available in 11-plus Verbal Reasoning, 11-plus Non-Verbal Reasoning, 11-plus English and 11-plus Maths. All four courses are contained in the Complete 11-plus exam course.

     My child is sitting a multiple choice verbal reasoning paper, would this product still be useful?

Yes. Even though the method of answering standard and multiple-choice questions is different, standard format verbal reasoning questions have many question types in common with multiple choice question types. Furthermore around 80% of the verbal reasoning papers actually test the strength of vocabulary and so irrespective of the multiple-choice nature of the questions this online product will either introduce new words or reinforce known words. The online nature of the preparation can also act as a fun break from the monotony of endless practice papers whilst still building a child's vocabulary and efficiency.


     Who wrote the questions?

The questions have been written by Stephen McConkey M.A. (Ed) B.Ed.(Hons), a primary school headmaster with over twenty years of classroom experience preparing pupils for 11-plus exams. Stephen established Learning Together in 1991 and they specialise in publishing high quality practice material for 11-plus Verbal Reasoning, 11-plus Non-Verbal Reasoning, 11-plus Maths and 11-plus English. 


     Can I try before I buy?

Yes, of course. We offer free samples in all four study areas. Click here TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.

     How long does it take to score the test?

When the test is finished it will be scored immediately by following the “on screen instructions.” Extra time will be required to review the test with your child.

     Do the authors, Learning Together, sell any other practice material?

Yes. Apart from this online product Learning Together also publish books (see our online book shop) and e-Papers (pay and download practice material).

     What about spelling or punctuation?

You must be very careful with spelling and punctuation as answers will be marked wrong if these aspects of the practice are incorrect.

     Why do I have to create an account to try the product?

This is a very extensive site with thousands of questions. Creating an account protects our content and prevents "spammers" from entering our site. Once registered you will have access to the FREE material and be able to purchase access to the full site content.


     How do I buy this product?

To sample or purchase our products you must first create a new account on our site. This process takes only a few minutes and does not obligate you to purchase anything. It is only through your account that you will be able to access the free samples or have the option to purchase the full products. You can buy the courses using credit/debit cards or a Paypal account. Once your payment has been cleared you will receive email confirmation of your purchase and will then have immediate access to your course(s). Check that your email settings have not sent this confirmation email to your spam box.

     How long will my subscription last?

You can purchase a subscription for 1 month or for 1 year. The courses are sold as one block of 4 courses.

     I paid for a course(s) and have returned to the Paypal page.

It takes a few moments for your payment to be cleared. Please wait a few moments and then click the "My Courses" tab even if you are on the Paypal page.

     Can I cancel my purchase and get a refund?

If you have not used or logged on to the product then email us with the details related to your refund request and we will do our best to assist. Clearly if you have used the product, under normal circumstances we cannot offer a refund. If there are exceptional circumstances then please contact us. 

     Do I need a separate subscription for each child?

Yes. The product is designed to be used by one child only as the results are only relevant to that child.

     I/We are a school or tutoring company. Can we use one subscription with all my/our children?

No. The product is designed to be used by one child only as the results are only relevant to that child. Results from other children would be meaningless. Please contact us at if you would like to discuss purchasing class or centre login details.

     Do I have to install any software to make the product work?

No. This online product works through your internet browser.

     How will I know when my subscription is about to end?

When you purchased the subscription you will have used an email address. You will be sent a warning email, to that address, telling you that your access will soon end.

     Free Samples 11+ info

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