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Register my school please

Register my school

How to register my school.

Registering your school is so easy. Contact us at to detail or discuss your needs and we will send you an excel sheet like this


Excel sheet


You and your colleagues are very busy and haven’t the time to upload pupils and manage all the related site administration.

So we do everything to set up your school account and manage it for you.

All you need to do is complete the excel sheet, just like the screen shot, and email it to us and we can do the rest - from setting up your teachers to creating pupils' accounts for you!

We upload all your pupils as a class group (or any combination you would like) with teachers uploaded for free, then we'll invoice you, so your school's finance department can deal with payments.

Once your account is up and running, we can add or delete pupils for you as you wish – a simple email sorts any problems.

Why use this online course.

(Your school may have been sent login details allowing staff to view the complete site. If you need access just email us and we will arrange these details at once.)

    It's fast, easy to use, gets results and we do all the administration. 

✅    Instant marking and feedback for your pupils. 

✅    Solid 11+ practice that increases pass rates.


This online course is ideal for preparing  pupils taking any form of grammar school selection tests.

Our site is a unique online 11+ learning platform without "frills" and "waffle" that gives solid practise to your pupils and helps to raise standards.

Any practice is marked instantly and gives instant feedback to the pupil encouraging them to strive for more success. Your school account can also be set up to inform the pupil's teacher or their parent.

Teachers will save time marking and preparing 11+ lessons and can use their valuable time on other topics.

All four subject areas are used extensively in grammar school selection and this site has been proven to improve scores for pupils.

The English and maths sections are based on the demands of Key Stage 2 (KS2) so will prove useful for both grammar school selection tests and end of Key Stage exams. 


Many options are available starting at just £10.00 per pupil. Cost depends on number of pupils and duration of access - please email us for details.

If you require any help not detailed below please contact support:-


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