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PPTC Transfer Test to use Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning? PPTC are consulting on this possibility as at March 2021. If that happens this site will be the only Northern Ireland site that will be able to provide suitable practice material.

Visit these pages for more information.

Verbal Reasoning

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Is this site suitable for the Northern Ireland Transfer Tests?

The simple clear answer is  - Yes.

The Transfer Test is based on English and mathematics and this very sophisticated learning environment provides ideal practice and preparation for the Transfer Test.

How and what the child learns must be related to the Transfer Test and this is where the child's learning and skill development is our number one priority.

This product will offer pressure free preparation in English and  maths, (We call the practices "Quizzes" which appeals to children.)

When you register there are FREE 10 minute quizzes in English and Mathematics that will showcase the content and quality of this site.

English practice:-

English content

Mathematics practice:-

Maths content

With so many online sites available how do I know this is a suitable site?

We are proud to have been working with schools for many years - in fact we are the longest established Northern Ireland publisher - and schools recommend and rate our products highly including this online site.

This site provides suitable work that is set out in a child-friendly manner that your child will enjoy.

Parents are informed of progress by an email when a practice is taken.

Why should I use this site and not another?

Reasons include:-

  • Short sharp pressure free practice
  • Eng/maths practice suitable for both Transfer Tests
  • Take a 50 question timed test in English or maths
  • Child friendly support and feedback
  • No tedious marking for parents
  • An almost endless variety of practice tests

Why is there Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning on the site?

Our site is used all over the world to prepare children for Grammar School selection tests and some of these areas use Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning and so both subjects are combined in the site. 

You don't need to use all the themes but you should note that around 80% of the verbal reasoning questions actually test the strength of your child’s language and so this online product will either present new words or reinforce known words. 

The Non-verbal reasoning quizzes can be used as fun items to keep your child interested. 


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