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Benefits of 11+ onlineTransfer Test

What are the top benefits of using this 11+ online site with your child?

1)      Your child will have unlimited access to thousands of 11+ questions covering Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, English and Mathematics – these are the subjects covered in 11+ exams.

2)      Your child can experience a variety of question types in different formats - multiple-choice and standard format.

3)      The site, designed by experienced teachers with experience of the 11+ exam, requires your child to provide a reasoned answer rather than just guessing as is often required by other sites.

4)      Every question answered has a full explanation to encourage and reinforce learning.

5)      You can supplement school directed teaching and learning with your own home tuition.

6)      Children can practice individual topics and then use this learning in longer, timed practice tests.

7)      A detailed review system allows you to highlight areas where your child is strong or areas needing further practice.

8)      Designed and prepared by the same authors who have written the Learning Together range of 11+ books and using unique questions not used in any of their printed titles.

9)      “How to” information sheets are available to download to help you help your child.

10)    Probably the best educational and financial value available.

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