Online 11+ Mathematics Course to help your child pass the 11+ exam

In almost all regions of the country the 11+ Exam will have a large content of questions built around the maths that your child has been taught in school. A sound grasp of all aspects of maths is almost essential for success in the 11+. Many children do well in their maths at school but additional practice and revision is always useful to reinforce basic and more advanced skills. Our maths topics are grouped in such a way that your child can make steady progress across all areas of maths and then transfer this knowledge to their 11+ exam.

This online 11+ maths course contains hundreds of maths questions each based on the requirements of the National Curriculum and therefore the 11+exam.

  • Essential 11+ maths revision & practice
  • Practice in number facts and tables
  • Practice in shape and space, handling data, measures
  • Reading graphs and charts
  • Developing problem solving skills & algebra
  • A wide range of mathematical challenges

It covers various aspects of Maths such as Algebra, measures, shape and space and handling data . Knowledge of all these areas will help prepare your child for the demands of any school selection exam.

There is also the option to take unlimited and timed tests.  


Shape and space sample question.

Shape and space questions can involve questions about area, volume, properties of 2-D or 3-D shapes to name but a few options. This section of our 11+ site will help any child improve their knowledge of shapes and their properties.

          Cube image

This cube has sides that each measure 3.2cms.
What is the surface area of one face in cms2?


Handling Data sample question.

Handling Data can involve interpreting diagrams or graphs that show information in a range of different ways as this example shows. Being able to understand this information quickly and accurately is crucial for your child to be able to work quickly through the mathematics element of any 11+ exam.

This table shows the charges for swimming, canoeing and diving lessons at a new leisure centre.

          Handling Data Image

How much more expensive are are three canoeing lessons than four swimming lessons  ?         £___________

Problem solving sample question.

Problem solving brings together all aspects of maths and will usually require your child to read information and find out what "is being asked" and then have to calculate the answer. Problems come in all shapes and sizes but practice and explanations help to develop 11+ Problem Solving skills.

My clock is 1 hour fast and it shows 5.15 am on the face.

          Maths problem solving clock question

What is the correct time on a 24 hour clock?

Chose the correct letter.

This is a very comprehensive online product making use of a variety of question types. No time limit is set and this allows children to work through the tests at their own pace. The level of mathematical language used is appropriate for the Eleven plus exams and other grammar school selection tests. A glossary of the main mathematical terms is provided.


This product is suitable for the Northern Ireland Transfer Test.

This Mathematics course forms part of the complete 11+ preparation course.

The complete 11+ course for all four subject areas will appear in your "My courses " list. The screenshot below gives you an idea of what the 11+ Mathematics section looks like. The 11+ maths course is designed in such a way that you and your child can open and close question types as required. You also have the option to mark question types as "done" when you feel that your child has mastered that question type.

                                                                                             Online 11plus maths course expanded