How to prepare your child for the 11+ Maths Exams.


To prepare your child effectively for the 11+ maths exams, consider these simple steps:

1. Assess Weak Areas: Regularly evaluate your child's understanding and performance in various maths topics to identify areas needing improvement. Use practice tests or exercises for this purpose.

2. Cover Comprehensive Material: Ensure your child has a strong grasp of all topics outlined in the 11+ maths syllabus, from basic arithmetic to more advanced concepts. The exam may cover a wide range of material.

3. Practice Mental Arithmetic: Encourage regular practice of mental arithmetic to enhance speed and accuracy in calculations, as calculators are often not allowed during the exam.

4. Emphasize Showing Workings: Teach your child to show their working out in their answers, as this not only helps in receiving partial credit for partially correct answers but also allows insight into their thought process.

5. Introduce Advanced Material: Expose your child to more challenging questions, especially if they are aiming for competitive schools. This familiarity with advanced concepts can help them navigate the exam questions effectively.

6. Use Sample Papers: Seek out sample papers provided by target schools and use them for practice. These papers offer valuable insight into the exam format and question styles.

7. Focus on Worded and Problem-solving Questions: Practice worded and problem-solving questions regularly, as they constitute a significant portion of the exam. These questions require logical thinking and reasoning skills, which can be honed through practice.

8. Develop Logical Thinking: Incorporate activities like puzzles, brain teasers, and logic games into your child's routine to strengthen their logical thinking and reasoning abilities, essential for solving complex problems.

By implementing these strategies and providing ongoing support, you can help your child prepare effectively for the 11+ maths exams or SEAG Transfer Tests and increase their chances of success.