This is the question that everyone is asking. 

It looked like at one stage that the elevenplus exam in Northern Ireland was finished and as a selection test set by the Department of Education it has finished.

The grammar school lobby in Northern Ireland is a very strong body and they now run their own 11+ exam, or should I say exams, and it is known locally as the Transfer Test or the Northern Ireland transfer test.

The two exam bodies – one known as AQE (Association of Quality Education), this group sets papers that are known as the AQE papers and the other group called the PPTC (Post Primary Transfer Consortium) sets papers known as GL papers are going to merge into one body for the 2023 Transfer Test. The exact format of the New Single Transfer Test are not yet known but it is likely to use English and maths questions. Possibly these questions will be a mixture of multiple-choice and standard format questions. There are plenty of  AQE test papers and GL papers available but at present there are no New Transfer Test Papers available..

Many Local Education Authorities in England use some combination of Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, English, Mathematics and Science questions. The format of the examination set by each Local Education Authority can vary in the type of question, the number of questions set and the method of answering multiple-choice versus traditional answers.

For many years the 11 plus examinations (also known as the Transfer Test) in Northern Ireland consisted of Verbal Reasoning papers but in recent years the examination has been based on English and Mathematics – it is very likely that the new test will also be based on English and maths.

These Transfer Tests are not compulsory. 

Children will probably sit the new tests on Saturdays -possibly in November/December. The children will sit the test in various grammar schools and not in their primary school.

The questions in the new Transfer Test will be quite demanding and primary schools are discouraged from preparing their pupils for these Transfer Tests but parents wanting to prepare their children for the transfer tests need practice material and sites such as have a long history of providing good quality material and I would expect that when more details are available this company will be to the forefront with their publications.

If you are Googling "New single transfer test" (or similar) there is not a lot of information out there.

Online Transfer Test practice is becoming more common and sites such as offer excellent English and maths practice at a very economical price.